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Contacting Us -
We are located in North Buckinghamshire, UK and cover the Milton Keynes to Aylesbury area and most places in between. If you live elsewhere and would like a quote that's no problem, but your system would be delivered at cost via courier. That's about 20 per system but we would quote the exact cost before shipping. Delivery is free in the Milton Keynes and Aylesbury areas.

We can be contacted via email right now - but because the telephone takes up too much valuable time away from our main activity of building the computers, researching current products and prices, and preparing quotes for customers we have it switched to answer-phone most of the time. Additionally, we can give you far more information in an email that you can read at your leisure without trying to get it all over the phone.

Upon acceptance of a quote, we require 25% deposit to secure your order. Please note that this is non-refundable as it covers part of the cost of us ordering the components. If we can sell your cancelled system onto someone else then we will refund most if not all your money but only at the time of reselling the components in your quote. Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive a written confirmation.

The balance is due either upon collection or delivery. The goods remain ours until full payment has been made.

Goods are not supplied on a trial basis. That means if you order one of our PCs then decide you don't want it and would rather go on holiday that's not a valid reason to return the goods. Neither is it good enough if you order, say, the Family Starter computer then decide you want to edit your family movies on it. Please ask us for advice before ordering! We are here to help, and it is in everyone's interest that you are happy with your selected purchase.

No goods will be accepted back without a valid RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorisation).

Payment can be in cash, building society cheque or even personal cheque with a guarantee card that covers the full cheque amount.

So do drop us a line, by and we look forward to answering your queries and building you a value system that will provide many years of good service.

Our address is:

Unit No 6
The Fleet
Springfield Estate

but please note this is not a retail outlet, it is a workshop not designed for casual customer visits, although we are more than happy for you to arrange to collect your goods from here (remember that delivery within the Milton Keynes and Aylesbury areas is free!).

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