Custom Built Computers

Looking for a reliable computer at reasonable cost?

Just what you need to get on that road to a new or replacement computer!
Computers are wonderful pieces of equipment and everybody seems to be using one. But how do you go about choosing what is right for you? I've listened to many people, built computers for people from 10 to 70 and have condensed that experience into carefully selected computer variations shown in the scrolling menu on the left.
  • New to computing? Take a look at our entry level PC, a value-for-money computer designed with you in mind. Whilst a powerful computer in its own right, components have been carefully selected to provide an all-round value-for-money family computer.

  • Student in the house? This Student's Computer has been carefully designed to have those features included for pupils and undergraduates to get the most out of a computer - and it functions beautifully as a higher specification family computer too!

  • Need something special? Got a bigger budget? Then our Expert Pro design will have you watering at the mouth! Ideal for those who know what they need - and need the best.

  • Think computers are too big and clompy? Not with our diminutive tiny PC you won't! Not much bigger than a book it will fit anywhere - especially when combined with a thin, flat TFT computer display screen.

You don't have to spend a fortune to get an excellent computer, which is ideal for all members of the family. You don't have to have all the bells and whistles that the "big boys" sometimes include just to bump up the price! Entry-level computers today are speed demons in their own right compared to computers of even 2 years ago.

So why "entry level"? Do we mean "budget level"? In many ways, yes! Computer component manufacturers seem intent on constantly developing newer and faster PCs. So what was new and expensive last year is very affordable this year. Great for people like you and me who could never afford, justify or keep up with what's new on the market right now. It means we can offer you a computer that is better than you would have thought - for far less than you expected.

As computer hardware becomes more affordable, the software that runs on that PC (the operating system called Windows) is becoming an ever higher cost element of the overall cost. See my rant on why Windows XP costs as much as it does and how it can usually only be installed on one machine. But talk to us before ordering your operating system - it may be that you can re-use your existing one, or that Linux is suitable for you.

But let's not dwell on the downside! The upside is that your computer is better specified and more stable than ever before - and can run thousands of programs from the simplest game of Solitaire to the most complex Office suite and everything in-between. So browse our website and read the Frequently Asked Questions and Hints & Tips - and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Queries? Questions? Comments or suggestions? Then email us by clicking to send me an email in the workshop. Or use the Contact Us page from the menu on the left.