Moving a PC into the Attic


Well, OK, there were a couple of teething problems.

Firstly I wired up one of the 9 pin sockets on the back of the PC backwards, so that the remote power switch operated the PC's reset button, and the remote reset button operated the PC's power button! It took just 10 minutes to fix, but I admit it was bit fiddly.

Another USB cable to order then...More importantly, my Canon 650U gave an error code 30E when trying to scan in full documents in high resolution (300dpi) colour. It would scan in anything from 12% to 80% of the A4 document then give an error, necessitating unplugging the scanner and trying again. The error code meant that insufficient power was available for the scanner (even though I was using a powered hub). I tried a different USB 1.1 hub with exactly the same effect. The internet is littered with comments by owners of the Canon 650U that it only works reliably if connected directly to a USB port on the computer. Funnily, it would scan full A4 sheets in lower resolution (75dpi colour) or high resolution black and white without a murmur. I could even scan parts of a document at high resolution colour, just not the whole thing.

The only resolution (apart from buying a new scanner) was to run another quality Belkin 5 meter 2.0 USB cable down the trunking which then connected to a Belkin 1.8m extension USB cable. The theoretical limit for passive USB cables is 5 meters but my scanner has worked flawlessly since doing this. The value of having a wide piece of trunking cannot be underestimated!

My daughter has a flat screen (TFT) monitor with a DVI input. So I used a 5 meter Lindy super duper DVI cable to connect it to her attic computer - then wished I had bought a 7.5 meter cable as the 5m was only just big enough. I like to have a bit of slack.



No noise, no heat, no cables!I am so glad I did this!

Some of the cables were not cheap but I was not going to risk getting a dodgy picture because I would not fork out the extra tenner a quality cable would cost. Since implementation, my office has been scarily quiet (apart from the music) and nice and cool. There is no more dust being blown about by the computers power supply units and all remaining cables (about 10) are all neatly tied up and hidden from view behind the desk. I even got rid of one 6-plug extension unit.

I planned this project over several weeks before committing to doing it. Getting a quality VGA cable was paramount to the success of the project. Everything just followed.

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