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Summer 2003 was hot in Europe! A new high record was set in England (101 degrees Fahrenheit, 38 degrees Celsius). France was having real problems, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees C (107 degrees Fahrenheit).

It all started at the beginning of August, just at the time we visited Morocco, which is hot by our standards at the best of times! They too had "unseasonably hot weather" for the entire duration of our visit! We had breakfast in 31 degree heat!

That notwithstanding, this is my report of our 10 days in Morocco, August 2003. If you are thinking of visiting Morocco you might pick up some useful "If only I had known that before I went" style tips to make your stay more enjoyable!


  1. Getting there
  2. Staying somewhere
  3. Marrakech
  4. Essadouria
  5. High Atlas region
  6. Hints & Tips

Well, as you can see, this particular holiday chronicle is "Under Construction". By that I mean "unfinished" and it will probably stay that way.

We hated our Morocco holiday; it could have been much better if our tour operator had been more helpful beforehand. As it is, it was a disaster from beginning to end.

Firstly, at 8pm the day before we were due to leave I developed a really bad head cold. Yup, there I was in 40 degree heat with a bad cold. Then I got sick just as I was getting over the cold. So we arrived on the Saturday and it was only on the following Friday that I was well enough to do anything!

And it was HOT. Oppresively so. Our trips to the coast (Eassadouria) and into the High Atlas mountains were breaths of fresh air (more than just figuratively!). I just wish we hadn't decided (=were encouraged by our tour operator) to stay in Marrakech. Read more here...


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